Sexual harassment

As you know, Savor Beauty Inc. ("Savor Beauty" or the "Company") is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a workplace free of unlawful, discrimination and retaliation. Accordingly, the Company has long maintained a written policy that prohibits unlawful discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), and retaliation.

In April 2018, New York State adopted legislation directed at reducing sexual harassment in the workplace. As part of that legislation, beginning in October 2018, employers are required to adopt and distribute a sexual harassment prevention policy based on guidelines issued by the State. Accordingly, to address these new requirements, attached please find a supplement to the Company’s harassment policy, which addresses these new requirements and a sample complaint form.

Due to recent changes in New York City law, employers must now distribute a sexual harassment factsheet to new employees at the time of hire. Savor Beauty has decided to also distribute this attached factsheet to all current employees.

Please review and keep for your reference.

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Please give signed copy to your Front Desk Principal.