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“Savor Beauty: Best Facials NYC Spas” — Refinery29

The Skin Clinic for ultimate age-delay. Savor Beauty + Spa offers a ground-breaking natural face lift. Energize the 100,000 skin cells on your face with a potent infusion of Diamond Microdermabrasion, Enzyme Peel, Skin Scrubber, LED Light Therapy, and Ultrasound. Now includes Microcurrent for firmer, sculpted, refined luminosity!
Savor Spa has drawn a loyal following among fashion industry types for its decadent-yet-affordable holistic facials... equally popular is the spa’s organic in-house skincare line...
— New York Times Magazine

savor beauty blends the best of both worlds

American facials focus on extractions and peels. Korean facials focus on thorough cleansing, massage and maintenance. BELOW: THE FUSION. 

korean facials

"Inspired by the Korean beauty rituals she grew up with, Savor Beauty founder Angela Jia Kim created a natural skincare line that still incorporates luxurious ingredients like truffles, caviar, champagne. Her straightforward five-step system that makes keeping your skin glowing easier than ever." People.com


01: oil cleanse

A Korean beauty secret is to treat skin like the most expensive silk. Oil cleansing takes off makeup without wrinkling skin. 

02: facial massage

Savor Beauty Estheticians perform an anti-aging massage for lifting and firming using our natural beauty serums.

03: maintenance

In America, facials are considered a luxury while in Korea, it’s considered maintenance. This is why we have a Champagne Facial Club with member exclusive pricing. It’s a monthly ritual baked into your busy schedule. 


01: extractions

Q: Why are fewer places offering extractions?
A: Only licensed Estheticians can legally perform this service. 

02: peels

100 nutrients from cherries, pumpkins, mango remove dead skin, plump cells and boost collagen.

03: luxury

In America, facials are considered a luxury while in Korea, it’s considered maintenance. Savor Beauty blends the two philosophies to make it a luxurious monthly ritual through our monthly Champagne Facial Club.