October 30, 2017: We are actively hiring for a Manager position in our West Village location. Please scroll down to begin the application process for this career opportunity! 

We have three locations in New York City and the Hudson Valley (Saugerties, NY) as well as a growing national skincare brand.

Feeling it in your bones and ready to roll up your sleeves to contribute your skills in order to make a difference? Apply below! 

We attract passionate, mission-driven team members to join our movement to help others savor life through beauty rituals, well-being, and community events!

Savor team members believe in the power of inside-out #cleanbeauty. We practice a non-toxic lifestyle from what we put on our bodies to what we put into our minds through daily interactions. 

Our company culture is about professional and personal growth; every business challenge is an opportunity to learn and expand. Therefore, we cultivate team members who have potential and desire to grow within our organization using their talents, skills and brilliance. 

We see a common thread among those who have thrived in Savor: 

  • passion for the brand and what it stands for
  • love for customer care and attention to fine detail
  • high Emotional Intelligence + communication skills
  • impeccable integrity and honesty
  • engaged leadership in a gossip-free, bully-free environment
  • productive and efficient 
  • steady commitment to goals and follow-through
  • uncompromising professional standards
  • geared toward finding solutions to any challenge
  • desire to be an intra-preneur in a supportive entrepreneurial environment
  • respect for others
Lucie at one of our beauty events

Lucie at one of our beauty events


"I am constantly pinching myself at how lucky I was to stumble upon Savor Beauty and join this family of intelligent, inspiring and hard working people! Through my management role, I have had the chance the step outside of my comfort zone to reach our team's goals using both creative and critical thinking skills. The company supports our passions and aspirations, so I have had the incredible opportunity to grow as a makeup artist while helping my team achieve their dreams." - Lucie, Spa Manager + Wedding Coordinator

Erin helped formulate #facecakemask 

Erin helped formulate #facecakemask 

IT'S CREATIVE, Fun and inspiring

"I have worked at Savor three years. The Estheticians wanted more masks to use, so I had the opportunity to formulate, create, and bring to fruition our new FACE CAKE masks alongside the founder. Also, because Savor Beauty is known for our amazing facials, we are busy and I'm able to work part time, flex hours... the cherry on top is that I make more than most of my colleagues in the spa world who are working full-time hours. It's creative, fun and inspiring to dream bigger." - Erin, Senior Esthetician

Elia at our annual conference

Elia at our annual conference


"I have been part of Savor Beauty for over five years, and it's a place where you actually feel like you can influence business decisions (so cool to see your creations come to life!) and be promoted from within, unlike a corporate setting where it seems like nothing will ever change. The company culture is all about learning, growing and testing your skills in a positive and inspired environment... and I love that I get to make a big difference not only in the lives of our team members but also for the world, too!" - Elia, Marketing Manager


Please note that we host group interviews on Wednesdays at 1 PM and Sundays at 3 PM. If selected to advance to Round 2, you will be invited to attend. 

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Kristin at the Hudson Valley location for a group photo shoot.

Kristin at the Hudson Valley location for a group photo shoot.


"I began my career with Savor Beauty three years ago. I knew that I didn't want another job where I was just a number with no say in how things were run. I was hungry to learn, and it feels rewarding to be recognized by the company--they invested in coachings and trainings for me, and I wanted feedback to grow. As a result, I was promoted from Esthetician to Assistant Manager to Spa Manager, making a bigger income than I did at my corporate job. What I love most about Savor Beauty is that it's such a breath of fresh air to realize that your input matters and makes a difference not only for your team but for the community, too! - Kristin, Spa Manager + Esthetician

Hannah leading a community event

Hannah leading a community event

It's cool to see my ideas hatch + make my mark!

"I joined the Savor team over two years ago, and since then I have grown so much professionally and personally. I had come from the corporate world where the top management felt toxic and unhealthy. I was not seen or heard there. Here, the company culture is so supportive, positive and solution-oriented, so I've had a lot of opportunities to create solutions, hatch ideas, bring them to life... and to this day, many of my ideas are still in place. That's pretty cool, to make your mark!" - Hannah, Community Manager

Carly at the Upper West Side location grand opening party! 

Carly at the Upper West Side location grand opening party! 


"Since getting a job at Savor Beauty, my confidence has grown so much both personally and professionally. I feel that the management really believes in me and holds me to the highest standards. The company is growing tremendously so there are so many opportunities for growth that I would not have gotten elsewhere. I personally was promoted from Front Desk to Bridal Makeup Artist to Makeup Principal, and this career advancement growth is so exciting to me!" - Carly, Makeup Artist