Our philosophy is “Gratuity Grace”, which means that we are grateful for the appreciation and yet not attached.

The law of gratuity is that some guests tip generously, some do not, but the overall result is that our guests are very courteous and appreciate abundantly.

Treat everyone with a big heart, look at the big picture, and you will be an in-demand esthetician.

  • Please also note that Savor Beauty does not take the customary credit card charge of 3% as a courtesy and token of appreciation for you.

  • We never ask for gratuity. We turn the iPad around to guest and ask them to “complete the transaction”, allowing the guest to input their own gratuity privately.

  • In the case of members with a $0 balance and it does not prompt for tip, then we can let them know we can assist if they would like to leave gratuity on the card, or if they need an envelope for cash. Follow up by asking if that’s the amount they always would like to leave as a convenience and put a note in their account.

  • If a guest asks, let them know it is “customary to leave 20% on services.”

  • Never, ever call or chase a guest to ask for gratuity. This will be an automatic red slip!