At Savor Beauty, we attract abundance by being generous with each other. The Self-Care Ambassadors help estheticians close sales after their services, receive gratuity for the esthethicians, and make sure the estheticians gets rebooked.

In turn, estheticians are generous by helping Self-Care Ambassadors to close sales at the front desk if the esthetician is not booked.

This is Commission Karma, and here are our Rules of the Road:

1. As a rule of thumb, whoever helps the guest gets the commission! Please use your best good judgement.

  • Estheticians get the commission for the spa guest if the Lover System is performed.

    SCA’s can add on to a service sale with body care/ makeup/ gifts for friends and family members and put that commission under the SCA’s name.

  • SCAs get commissions for walk-ins.
    For SCAs working the same shift: Whoever helps the guest (not just greets them first) gets the commission.

2. In the case that there are two or more SCA’s on shift, they should rotate who helps the walk-ins.

If a walk-in gets their own product and checks out with any help from an SCA, that product commission should be assigned to the next SCA in the rotation

3. Both the esthetician and the SCA work together to help solidify a sale whether that is (1) an esthetician who has to walk away from their guest and an SCA finishes answering questions or (2) an SCA is on the phone/answering emails/with another guest and an esthetician is present and is available to help a walk-in.

The commission for the walk-in goes to the SCA. Just as the SCA helps to close the esthetician’s sales, the esthetician should help the SCA close her sales.

4. SCA’s should not add on additional home care outside of what is recommended on the RX card. If the guest has questions, refer them to their RX card. If a guest wants travel sizes, the commission would also go to the esthetician.

Realize there is an abundance of sales and we are working as a team! Be generous with your teammates and they will be generous to you!

If someone is being negligent about their duties (LOVER system is not being performed, etc.), please report it to the Front Desk and Spa Principals immediately.