Natural Bodycare

Spring Survival Guide: The Body Edition

It is no surprise that our muscles tend to be inherently tighter in the colder months. Think about how we walk around bundled up, shoulders sliding closer to your ears, and a slight roll forward in your shoulders to protect your chest. All of these actions tighten even the most intrinsic breathing muscles.

Winter is also the time of unpredictable temperatures outdoors, as well as indoors, which can leave our skin looking and feeling a little dry, dull and confused. Just like your skincare routine, your muscles, skin and entire body crave additional attention, too. 

As we welcome Spring with open arms, here are some easy self-care "to dos" to rejuvenate your skin cells and wake up your mind, body and soul!


Choose a 100% natural essential oil that will bring the most balance to your daily routine. Sprinkle a few drops of an essential oil to your shower floor (not where you stand to avoid skin irritation) before you step in.


Here are some essential oil benefits: 

  • Eucalyptus: Breathe, cleanse and expand mind, body and lungs
  • Citrus: Brighten and bring in the power of the sun inside with an elevated mood


Slough off your winter blues and use invigorating strokes to increase circulation moving towards your heart. Use an organic body polish to exfoliate your body once a week, and make sure to address your whole body for irresistibly soft skin.



The best body anti-ager? Oil massage! While taking a shower, massage organic Sweet Baby Oil onto the skin, using circular strokes on the joints and long strokes on your long bones. This technique will increase circulation, tone your muscles, and make you feel (self) loved.

Living in NYC, Cynthia King is a Savor Spa Master Massage Therapist and Upper West Side Spa Manager, registered Ayurveda practitioner, yoga instructor, and passionate urban farmer. Loving all things botanical and grown from seed, she remains an uncompromising advocate for protecting and sharing the healing powers of plant medicine.