Paris #KoreanBeauty Diary: Part II

This is Part Deux of Angela's Paris #KoreanBeauty Diary.


Let me ask you: did you take piano lessons? If yes, your parent's investment is about to finally pay off. 

#1MinuteRitual: I decide to bring out the big guns to attack those chin bumps that are dying to become breakouts. My daughter joins me, making it a fun and special bonding time. 

  • Step 1: Combine the Detox Manuka Honey Mask with the Pearl Cleansing Cream for a little exfoliation and pore-detox. The honey melts onto my skin, making it instantly softer and brighter.  

  • Step 2: Put on the Pre-Cleanse Coconut + Jasmine Oil with circular motions to take off makeup and give the pores a thorough cleaning for sparkling complexion. 

    Here's Sienna's demonstration for you: 

  • Step 3: Dot under eyes with Caviar Eye Cream and “Tap around the eyes like you are playing piano!" This melts the lifting cream into the skin without pulling or stretching it. 

Here's a tutorial of Erin, one of Savor Spa's Estheticians, showing you how to play piano around your eyes. 


I admit. I’m obsessing. I decide to cover up the chin bumps with my favorite Vapour foundation stick.

(I’m #123, what about you? Not sure? Don't guess. Our #cleanbeauty Makeup Artists can match you virtually or in-store.) 

This glow-boosting foundation stick is the busy woman’s most amazing BFF. You can apply it while on-the-go and it doesn't dry out your skin or magnify your pores. 

Insider Tip! That stick is responsible for a lot. Not only does it give you dewy glow, it covers up pesky breakouts.

And you know breakouts have bacteria, right? If you don't clean your foundation stick, you just put another layer of dirty on top of your skin. Gross! 

So I regularly clean my beauty weapon with the Lavender Toning Mist (lavender is antibacterial) to keep it bacteria-free.

How to clean your foundation stick:

  1. Spritz a tissue with the Lavender toning mist
  2. Wipe off the top layer of the foundation stick

Easy breezy, right? 


It’s hard to be gluten-free in a foreign city. When there’s a basket of warm French bread sitting there staring at you, the temptation is just too big. 

“Mais, ici le gluten est different qu’aux Etats-Unis,” says an acquaintance as she puffs her cigarette. (Translation: Our gluten is better than your gluten.) 

I discreetly dodge the smoke to protect my skin.

That’s another tempting vice. I admit that I love a good cigarette, especially the Nat Sherman kinds. But the smoke gods are not kind to me and I immediately get punished by a big red pimple, never fail.

So when a French woman is puffing on it looking so tres chic, all I can do is stare at her skin and judge the dehydration lines caused by the smoke.

I feel like whipping out my beauty oils and pat-and-pressing it into her face.

Pat + Press. While we are on the subject, let me teach you this unique application technique that Korean women have down, well, pat.

My daughter, Sienna, gives it a try here. 

I can hear my mom yelling, "Don't be so rough and wrinkle skin! How can you teach my granddaughter like that?" My mom always taught me to treat my skin like the most expensive silk on the market.

Thank goodness for Erin, our Savor Spa Esthetician, who steps in to mentor her. 

Pat in the serums for maximum absorption and then press it in. I’ll send these videos to my French friend in an email.


I decide to turn my shower into a spa sanctuary. I love Saturday #morningslikethese.

The steam naturally opens up the pores for a thorough cleanse, and it’s fun to go through the cleansing steps and apply a killer mask for deep detox.

Ahhhhhh… life is good, even when you have to return to the reality of NYC's "gorgeous chaos" the next day.

The following week back at Savor HQ, someone compliments my skin and remarks that it looks extra glow-y.

Someone noticed.

I’ve garnered the trophy all Korean women are vying for... a skin compliment.