Paris #KoreanBeauty Diary: Part I


The idea behind Korean beauty rituals is to have such gorgeous, glowing skin that you don’t need to hide behind loads of makeup.

But there's a significant subtext that I love, which is the permission to carve out space to give yourself supreme self care.

While Korean women emphasize flawless porcelain skin, Western women like a fresh-faced look. While Korean women are willing to invest a lot of energy and time into their beauty rituals, most Western women want it done in a New York Minute. 

I prefer a blend of both, #Koreanbeauty rituals in a #NYminute! 

angela jia kim
I wanted to incorporate the Korean beauty rituals that I grew up with. But as a busy mom and wife living the gorgeous chaos of New York City, I needed flawless skin in a New York minute. And it must be organic and it must work.
— Angela Jia Kim

So naturally, the first thing I make sure to pack when traveling is the organic skincare beauty essentials.

savor beauty travel essentials


Party time on the plane!

Not much beauty sleep is going to happen so I am extra vigilant about drinking extra water (no alcohol—sigh, I know!) and having my beauty bag next to me to keep my skin hydrated and happy.

Before I nod off, I go to the tiny restroom and set up for my regular #1MinuteRitual:

  • Wash hands to make sure no bacteria get on my face. No way, no how am I breaking out upon arrival to Paris!

  • Precleanse Jasmine Coconut Oil in vigorous circular motions (ahhhh… smells so heavenly) to melt off makeup and give my skin that baby-soft velvet feel.

  • Pearl Cleansing Cream, which I love because of the milky texture, to give my pores a deep cleanse and gentle nourishment. 

Pearl Cleansing Cream is a milky texture with tiny Champagne Grapeseeds for gentle exfoliation. 

Pearl Cleansing Cream is a milky texture with tiny Champagne Grapeseeds for gentle exfoliation. 

  • Brush my teeth to give my skin a chance to air dry (not using those harsh paper towels on my face!) Be careful with doing this too often as toothpaste can lead to breakouts around the mouth. 
  • Fast spritz of the hydrating Toning Mist to energize tired skin and replenish moisture loss for a bouncy texture. 

  • I mix the Nourish Raspberry Serum with the Truffle Face Cream to pat and press onto skin. This gives me that glowing sheen and deep hydration my skin is craving. 

I walk back to my seat with juicier, plumped skin and give my hands a little massage with the leftover cream to hydrate the cuticles. 

Kiss daughter, husband and off to semi-sleepland I go!


We land in Paris, and of course, the first thing that we do is go to the local Patisserie to greet my frenemy, a freshly baked croissant.

Okay, just ONE tiny, tiny bite.

I mean, one tiny croissant.

Oh, my silly daughter. She never finishes anything. I’ll help her with a tiny bite of her entire croissant, too.

See how tiny that croissant is? 

See how tiny that croissant is? 

My gut and skin do not like gluten, but my taste buds forever love these god-sends. If I keep this up during our vacation, I will get a bloated belly, which will make my skin react with breakouts. 

I finish the day with my heavenly #1MinuteRitual. I can't live without it--it's necessary space for self care, kindness and nourishment. 

The sensory experience: engage all of your senses by taking in the aromatherapy and enjoying the facial massage. #Nextlevel self care!

The sensory experience: engage all of your senses by taking in the aromatherapy and enjoying the facial massage. #Nextlevel self care!

It's important to always feel your skin (with clean hands, my dear!) and listen to what is going on. Are there bumps, rough patches, or dehydrated spots? There's a reason and if you take the time to understand the root cause, you develop a holistic sense of mind, body and spirit. 

And since your skin mirrors your gut, emotional state and stress levels, you can begin to see patterns between what's going on internally, externally. (I'll teach you all about that later!) 


I used to never wash my face in the morning because I believed in the myth that people with dry skin didn't need to. And plus, it’s not like you are going out while sleeping. Your pores are super safe on that pillow case, right?

Wrong! Did you know that you sebum-and-sweat at night? If you don't thoroughly cleanse that gunk from your pores, you leave for the day allowing pollutants to mix and mingle all day with the gunk. Gross, huh?  

This is why I am obsessed with enlivening my skin in the morning with the Precleanse Oil. It softens the pores so I can thoroughly double cleanse, making my skin feel refreshed, awake and CLEAN! 

This Savor Beauty Coconut Jasmine Precleanse Oil feels soft and silky on the skin! 

This Savor Beauty Coconut Jasmine Precleanse Oil feels soft and silky on the skin! 

(If you have oily skin, I'll teach you later why oils are uber-important to break down sebum. Once you get the technique down, it's a mindset and skin game-changer!) 

When I'm just out and about, I like the #NoMakeupMakeup look.

In order to achieve this (it literally takes less than a minute), I do three things:

  1. Line the upper lid of my eyes with Antonym Noir Eye Pencil
  2. Shape brows (this gives structure to the face) with Alima Pure mineral makeup, using Modern Minerals brow brush
  3. Apply the enlivening Modern Minerals Lip Gloss

All dressed up for a Ferris Wheel and a romance photo shot with my husband, Marc, taken by my daughter.

#1MinuteRitual at night: I examine my skin and notice two little croissant-aftermath bumps on my chin. I always break out whenever I eat gluten, and when in Paris, it's not as easy to stay committed to being gluten-free! 


Typically when you break out around your chin area, it's due to hormone imbalances or diet allergies, and gluten is not my dietary BFF. 

Do you tend to break out in the same spots, too? Here's a facial diagram to help you uncover possible root causes.

Look out for more Savor Beauty Lessons on what #beautyfoods and lifestyle changes you can make for holistic well-being in future posts by Savor Spa estheticians!

xx, AJK

Paris #KoreanBeauty Diary: Part II continues next week. Stay tuned for more tips on the "Pat + Press" skin technique for glow hydration, my favorite makeup "must-have", and the best beauty lesson my mom taught me.