Make it in a Minute: Pomegranate Pudding for Gorgeous Glow

This multi-tasking Pomegranate Pudding plumps up skin, tastes delicious, and is low in calories. Rich in Vitamin C, collagen, and antioxidants, this easy, breezy recipe has just four gluten-free and vegan ingredients!

Savor Beauty founder, Angela Jia Kim, shows you how to make this #beautyfood recipe so you can feel, look, and do your best all day long!

Yield: 1 serving
Time: 5 minutes

1 c almond milk | beauty food fats
1/4 c chia seeds | omega 3 fatty acids for skin hydration
1/2 c pomegranate seeds | collagen and anti-oxidants
1/8 c coconut nectar | beauty minerals, low glycemic sweetener


  1. Mix all of the ingredients together, and leave in refrigerator overnight.

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