Meet Face Cake Masks

Drumroll, please! We are revealing our newest creation: Face Cake mask mixes. Face Cake Masks are creamy, silky, detoxifying clay mask mixes that refine pores while infusing skin with radiance and luminosity for buttery-soft texture. Just pour, mix, mask! Easy recipes are included--like add 2T of milk to 2T of Face Cake Mask Mix. 

Our customized exotic clay masks have always been the most talked-about part of our facials. Now for the first time, you can whip up your own fresh DIY spa masks at home or with friends for a spa party!

Why are fresh masks better for your skin? It's like eating a fresh cherry from the farmer's market versus the canned ones that have been sitting in a jar for a year. The minerals and vitamins are more powerful to lift toxins out of your skin. 

Watch Savor Beauty + Spa founder, Angela Jia Kim, show you how to make and apply Face Cakes, customized to your skin needs. 

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